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Review from the Tolucan Times, Feb 18 2009

An interesting back story to this production is that during a hypnotherapy session a couple of years ago, Sue Paoletti emerged with a surprising desire to tell her family's story and to do so via a one-woman stage show. The surprising catch, though by no means a stopper, was that she had never acted, written or produced theatrically. Yet, she went through the arduous process of getting all the necessary ducks lined-up, and staged her show What Are You Nuts for her 60th birthday. That is a remarkable lesson for you slackers or those who think it is too late to do certain things.

The production traces the performer's life across continents and several countries as she deals with a family that confronts not only depression but the damages from mental illness, and suicide as well. The script is far from depressing as it is highlighted with humor and grace while still retaining the poignancy and touching emotion of a life journey dealing with tender, haunting and sometimes hard-to-resolve family issues.

A family and life photo slide-show forms a backdrop as the audience sees the characters as the real people that they are in-flow with Paoletti's running descriptive.

The brief, less than 45 minute production is at its best as life's tough moments are relived in a gentle yet descriptive manner.

Sue Paoletti's One Woman Show, What Are You Nuts, is directed by Beverly Sanders and stages on Saturday, March 14 and March 21 at 7:30 pm. at Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre, 4850 Lankershim Boulevard, (near Vineland) in North Hollywood. Admission is $20. For more information, please call (818) 781-6765, email or visit .

This review can be seen 'live' on the Tolucan Times website: Tolucan Times

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